Erik Lundquist is talking about the the inspiration to the song ‘Measure of man’ from the upcoming album ‘Emerge’. ‘Emerge’ will be released Oct 10th 2022 and will be available digitally on all major streaming platforms.

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  1. I am proud to say that Frank Blair is my , waaay older brother, by ten years. Just wanted to put that out there. But on a serious note, My brother had taught me excellent work ethics. We grew up with little money but when he went to work, he worked hard and Sometimes there’s was a struggle, but he overcame that bump in the road and succeeded every time. Growing up he instilled in me excellent work ethics. He instilled in me drive, determination, and motivation to accomplish anything you set your mind on. He taught me there’s a can and there’s no such thing as a Can’t! Just don’t give up and keep fighting your way through and you will succeed! I am so excited and happy that my brother is finally accomplishing his dream that he has had for years. It’s his time and his band mates time to shine! Can’t wait to hear more from DROWNING AGAIN!!!
    Rock On !!!!

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